Wstecz Koszyk Drukuj

Legion Hotel

Legion Hotel is the best hotel in Donetsk for people, who appreciate their own time, health and wish to have a good relaxation in comfortable hotel rooms in Donetsk. As other reputable Donetsk hotels, the LEGION hotel provides excellent facilities for guests.
Ilość pokoi: 7
Liczba barów: 1
Liczba restauracji: 1
Liczba sal konferencyjnych: 3
Początek doby hotelowej: 14:00
Koniec doby hotelowej: 12:00
Godziny otwarcia (recepcja): 24 hours
There is a high-quality service with a perfect cuisine and different recreational facilities.
What differs Legion from other Donetsk hotels - is unique relaxation center both for active sports excercises and health sanation procedures. If you wish you can plunge into unique atmosphere of silence and calmness or have exercises in fitness center.
16a, Ovnatanian Street
83017 Donetsk
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