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Mir Hotel

"Mir" is a prestige hotel-complex situated in the central part of the city on Lenin Avenue. This modern 12 - level building is a perfect place for work and rest.
Nombre de chambres: 251
Nombre d’étages: 12
Nombre de bars: 1
Nombre de restaurants: 1
Nombre de salles de conférence : 2
Horaires d’ouverture (réception): 24 hours
The Complex includes the hotel, restaurant, cafe, bars, conference – halls, night – club, hairdressing saloon, billiard, sauna and a Russian bathhouse. There is a wonderful view from all the rooms, which are on the upper levels of the hotel.

Hotel “Mir” offers guests comfortable single and double rooms with conveniences, “luxe”, “euroluxe” and apartments, which are arranged with international telephone connection, satellite TV, and mini-bars.

Hotel “Mir” is an excellent place for leading business meetings, seminars and symposiums. Two comfortable conference halls includes from one to three hundred persons. Festive conference halls for banquettes will allow you to make your meeting the best.
27a, Lenin Avenue
61072 Kharkiv
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